Security Glazing





Bullet Resistant Glazing 


John Wright Plastics promotes lightweight bullet resistant laminates for a variety of applications. We offer a complete product portfolio in accordance with the ballistic standards EN1063 and the Military standard STANAG 4569.

We offer lightweight products to standard EN1063 in protection classes BR1 up to and including BR7 and SG2. These laminates have been designed for applications including structural glazing, vehicle glazing and personal protection products.

According to standard STANAG 4569 John Wright Plastics offers bullet resistant glazing for military vehicles.  These laminates have been specifically designed to offer protection against heavy military firearm ammunition under extreme temperatures. In this standard we offer protection levels I, II and III. Ballistic Glazing is ideal for security, forced entry, and bullet resistant applications.  Ballistic Glazing does not shatter. (Studies have shown that more people have been killed by fragmentation shards than by bullets).  Ballistic Glazing is lightweight and is approximately 50% of the weight of glass and can be cut on site.  With its unique multilayer construction our Ballistic Glazing can withstand both physical attack and gunfire from high powered hand guns as outlined by UL and H.P. White.  

Our glazing features hard coated surfaces for exceptional resistance to abrasion, graffiti, chemical attack, and UV degradation.



· Jails/Prisons

· Government Facilities

· Physical Attack Areas

· Schools and Institutions

· 24-Hour Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

· Drive-Up Windows

· Ticket Booths

· Banks


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