Pressed Polyethylene



What are the advantages Pressed & Planed Polyethylene?

  • High Impact Resistance
  • Simple processing.
  • High Heat Resistance for working temperature (132°C).
  • High Clarity and option for improving optical quality.

What types of Pressed & Planed Polyethylene we offer?

  • Standard Clear Polycarbonate.
  • Added UV layer on both sides for External Applications.
  • Opaque Polycarbonate with different textures & colour matched to your exact colour.


Which characteristics can be improved?

  • Visual appearance.
  • Optical Quality
  • Various weather influence resistance (UV resistance).
  • Fire retardancy. (UL94, Glow Wire Classifications).
  • Food approval
  • Antistatic characteristics.
  • Many textures available.

What applications are Pressed & Planed Polyethylene especially suitable for?

Polycarbonate can be processed effectively employing various processing procedures. Sheets can be fabricated using cold bending, hot ait welding, drape forming and thermoforming or just taken as a sheets cut to size.

The applications for polycarbonate extend to bus shelter glazing, covers, street furniture, riot shields, machine guards, windows, tractor roofs, roof domes, suitcases, automotive packaging trays (emballage) and many more applications.


Delivery Programme:-

Thickness Range:      
Size Range      







Cutting boards

  • Toothed wheels
  • Sliding bearings
  • Chopping blocks and desks


Sheet Materials