2002 - John Wright Plastics Limited started trading and has been successfully selling solid plastic sheets both directly and via agency agreements with major extruders across Europe for the UK and Ireland market.  In the early days our core business was clear Polycarbonate sheets for the stockist, distributor, vacuum forming / thermoforming and end user markets. 

2004 - Expanded when the ability to sell ABS and Acrylic Capped ABS was introduced along with Opaque Polycarbonate sheets.  These were promoted heavily towards trade vacuum forming companies, converters and end users.

2006 - we started to promote PETG clear sheets to distributors, vacuum formers and end users and built up a portfolio of a wide range of applications inlcuding a project for Abbey Bank where we provided all of the PETG frost material for the illuminated display panels in store.  The display panels can still be seen today in the Santander banks and they have worn well.

2008 - saw John Wright Plastics add Extruded Polypropylene and Polyethylene to the product range to compliment the materials already being sold into our clients.  Plastics stockists fabricators and vacuum formers remained the main users of our materials and have complimented the core business well.

2009 - we added pressed and planed Polyethylene HMWPE & UHMWPE & Polypropylene pressed & planed sheets.  We developed with specific clients to become their preferred branded supplier.  We developed and marketed a specialised moulded pressed product track matting which has grown at an astounding proportion.

2010 - we looked to compliment the Polypropylene and HDPE range with thin gauge from 0.2mm thick for stationary, binder and specialised vacuum forming applications.  We have advanced thin materials for specific application.  EVOH barrier film, Fire Retardant to UL94 test standards, Anti-Static, Corona treated, Flexible, Non flexible, conductive, magnetic and fully opaque are all specialised requirements we satisfy.

2011 - saw us add chairmats for office suppliers into the retail market.  We also added ABS fire retardant, ABS soft touch & HIPS conductive for the vacuum forming sector.  For the distributors & end consumers we have added branded cast acrylic sheet and block for signs, displays and construction products.

2012 - we have added PC/ABS to the opaque side of the business for thermoformers and clear styrene for distribution.  Our IT system was upgraded in February and our business system upgrade in June to allow us to perform with Speed and accuracy in our business administration.  We have continued to invest in our sales service and welcome Debbie to the John Wright Plastics team.

2013 - Opaque Polycarbonate and Regrind Polycarbonate (RPC) continued to be great selling materials and we added several repeating projects using these materials.  Cast Acrylic in clear, colours, matt and gloss were added with a supply partnership for thick sheets and block.  Extruded Acrylic had always eluded us for the competative edge on delivery & quality however we finalised agreements with a partner to now be able to provide clear, high quality, extruded sheets at a market competative price.We have added resource int eh team  within our sales service and welcome Debbie to the John Wright Plastics team.

2014 - Acrylic sheet with most common trade names of Plexiglas and Perspex sheet can now be supplied in clear and standard and made to order sizes.  We have also added a wave corrugated Polycarbonate to the rage.  Take a look at the products in more details in the material section of our website.  Watch out for more materials coming soon.